profid techbox’ services can be used independently from profid’s financial management and accounting services.

the first decision is if
  • you want to use your own systems, or,
  • if you would like to use profid's toolbox.
the second decision is if
  • you will set up the workflows and systems yourself,
  • if you want us to do it, or,
  • if you want to do the set up yourself, with our help and support.

We will be evaluating the necessity of processes themselves, but also their efficiency. We are good at introducing simple process improvements (script, workflow, integration, but it could also be an excel report) that will lead to reduction of time and increased efficiency.


Our people are skilled at administrative and financial processes as well as in systems development from a management interface perspective; let’s call it the glue between various specialists and software tools. Our service will enable the integration of tasks that appear to be simple and easy, but in fact, the skill needed internally to execute them are not at hand. Also, because the broader perspective on the entire process is occasionally lacking, implementation failures and disappointment are always a risk.

In case you already have your software, we will gladly connect to it and work with existing documents. We have experience with Helios, Pohoda, flexibee, Premier, Microsoft Dynamics and others, with customers such as Novák Maso, Forum Karlín, KRD, Magnas, MPower, Henceforth, Sunnysoft, and Tatum. At the start, and during our cooperation, we will recommend possible optimisation steps to further increase the value of our collaboration.

If you are still thinking about how to set up a cooperation, or if your current accounting programme does not fully suit you, we can offer a simple solution –profid licensed software from profid techbox. Software licenses included are:

  • accounting software ESO9, customisable to a client’s needs
  • payrolling software module
  • INSIO customer portal (checklist, timesheet), including customer platform and helpdesk
  • virtual server with secure VPN access

profid techbox is a joint venture between ProFid s.r.o. and ESO9 international a.s. With profid techbox, we secure the adaptability and ongoing support of systems and technology in the design and provision of our services to each individual client. We are constantly on the cusp of cutting-edge technology to make your finance & administration work for you.

With ESO9, we can fully cover the specific needs of a company, and create a totally individual solution with new activities, administration, and functionalities.

The implementation of ESO9 may also include modification of templates and types of used documents, forms, scope, and manner of performed activities, nomenclature of data items, but also a change of the system design from the user’s perspective.

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