Since 2012, profid has been an integral part of many businesses, providing financial management services such as accounting and payrolling, to more than 100 companies, employing close to 30 finance professionals, and nurturing a connected network of independent finance professionals, hub by profid. With our profid techbox we provide integration, optimisation and automation of workflows and systems independently.

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How we work with you

Continuous and consistent. Scalable. Effective and efficient. Reliable and safe. This is what you need your finance and administration to be. Always.

Our strengths are:

  1. Excellent communication – allowing us to get to the heart of the data and numbers together. This is the key to high quality and understandable financial outputs
  2. Time saving through cutting edge technology – we are truly a 21st century company

We prefer starting with a personal meeting to discover your needs. The key question to answer is:

What kind of relationship would you like to have with your accountant?


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