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Our team consists of people that are accountants by origin, while other people have evolved from a variety of industries and specialisms. We love to find and mentor talented people with a crossover into other industries. This gives us the opportunity to build a tailored team for our clients each time, and adapt to their needs to ensure effective, consistent, continuous, and efficient financial services and management.

Profid history

ProFid s.r.o. was founded by David Jelen and Kateřina Bilková (now Jelenová) in 2012. profid started by providing accounting services to their first client, Luxury Guide.

2015 – new clients were welcomed and the team started expanding.

2016 – revenue doubled compared to 2012.

2017 – five years in, profid served 20 customers with a team of seven people. Revenue tripled compared with 2016.

2018 – people from the first hour became partners, while the business and the team continued to expand. Revenue doubled compared with the previous year.

2019 – Jindra Předotová (now Boudal) joined profid as managing partner.

2021 – the team grew to 20 people, serving close to 100 customers. Revenue was 70% higher than in 2018.

2022 – 25 people served more than 100 customers. Revenue grew by 50% year on year.

2023 – profid starts hub by profid and profid techbox.

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