We are a team of 30 professionals with experience in a wide range of industries. We handle the financial agenda for over 100 companies from start-ups to large manufacturing companies where we are a strong partner for management decision-making. We also nurture a connected network of independent finance professionals, hub by profid. With our profid techbox we provide integration, optimisation and automation of workflows and systems independently.

our key strengths are our clients’ benefits

excellent communication

We do not hide behind formalities. We are easy to work with, and together we can go to the heart of the data and numbers. We see communication as the key to quality and clarity of financial outputs.

On our team, we seek out and mentor talented people with different backgrounds from various industries.

Its importance to us is reflected in our name: profid comes from the Latin “Procuro” – “to care”, and “Fidelis” – “trustworthy”.

saving time with technology

When needed and possible, we design integrations, data transfer protocols and automation of workflows and systems to save work time and further improve quality of outputs.

Profid. Finance for people by people

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