Business start - up

Financial partner for start - up entrepreneurs.

We respect every start-up entrepreneur and recognize that there are a range of challenges to this decision. We are here to set a financial agenda for you, which can serve as a framework for business legal obligations and offer added value information at the same time.

Our services are tailored according to your circumstances and include:

  • The discussion of the company's basic settings (e.g. choosing the appropriate legal form and tax settings).
  • Discussion at the beginning of business on adequate preparation and clarification of expenditures and revenue. 

  • Assuming accounting, workload and legal obligations in order to make the administration as burdened as possible.
  • Tax registration and other compulsory official registration. 

  • Other fields that suit your needs, such as management, trading, economics, etc. 
  • Consultancy for real estate and all associated financial and management services.

  • Individual consultation.

Throughout every phase of your business, we are prepared to provide practical guidance and subsequent implementations in order to keep your business running smoothly and grow effectively.

Do you have any concerns about a non-standard service that does not belong to the category listed? We would be happy to discuss it in person with you.