Payroll accounting

Whether you are a start-up company looking to hire or you have a stable team, we are here to assist you to provide the entire payroll throughout every stage of your business.

The external services for payroll accounting include: 

  • The processing of all individual compensation calculation components.
  • The preparation of payment orders for contributions to employee accounts, tax authorities, social security offices and health insurance providers.
  • Documentation consulting and processing when recruiting new employees.
  • Advice and processing of employment termination documents, including all financial aspects.
  • Keeping a complete record of employee's compensation.

  • Communication with financial authorities, health insurance providers and social security authorities, representation during inspections. 

All of our services maintain high discretion and compliance with the regulations of GDPR.


We guarantee friendly communication, quick reviews, timely document delivery and the development of a suitable cooperation method for you.

The selection of services offered relies on your preferences. 

It would be a pleasure for us to explore them with you.