Insolvency proceedings

We solve very different tasks as part of our orders. We also have experience with the situation of a client who received a very restrictive insolvency petition, which subsequently resulted in the blocking of bank financing in a company with a turnover of over 100 million CZK.

Such events are critical and can quickly result in the bankruptcy of a healthy business. What to do first? Focus on the legal battle, provide new funding, or reassure vendors? These are the times when a company owner needs a strong partner to help manage the situation.


We presented a cash flow model and operating results to the company on a monthly and weekly basis. We took care of an active negotiation with banks and verified a business model that proved to all parties that there was a solution. We arranged negotiations with lawyers and prepared supporting documentation, which increased the company's chances of success when presenting evidence before the insolvency court.

Court decision? The insolvency petition was dismissed, followed by a quantification of the damage caused and the preparation of an action for damages. In addition, the critical period helped the company: It analysed its operations from a different perspective and reset some internal processes to prevent such situations.