What new information would your cooperation with us bring you?

We strive to be professionals not only in accounting, but also in IT, economic management and business processes. We can give you inspiration on how to properly set up your business model or individual processes in your company. You can get your hands on modern business software used by large businesses to see what can be done in an efficient and innovative way.

What will the normal month of cooperation look like?

We will set rules for handing over accounting documents (either personally or electronically). We will determine which days you will receive information from accounting (be it summary of receivables or payables or monthly reports of management accounting). If you are a larger company, we will arrange regular meetings - we will be happy to attend your meetings to understand how you work and to adapt well to your business environment. We can periodically prepare payment orders for signing, send VAT returns for preview before they are sent to the tax office, or payroll recapitulation ready for processing on your payday dates.

What does online cooperation look like?

You will get access to our accounting software, where you can process any documents (issue an invoice, keep a cash book, but also keep track of contracts or incoming/outgoing mail and control stock management). Our accountant will post all documents on the other side, saving time. Depending on your experience with the software, you can also use it for reporting, or we can set up such reporting and prepare it ourselves. However, we know that personal contact is important in the cooperation, so we will be available for any regular or irregular meeting.

How does our cooperation save your time?

Do you keep a book of invoices, or do you keep payables and receivables for payment outside of accounting because you send your documents once to the accountant and you do not see them again? It is different with us - accounting is fully open to you and you can use it for daily work. Do you have a receptionist in your company that handles received mail? The receptionist can then process the received mail in our software and enter some key details to invoices in advance to initiate the accounting process. We can set up bulk imports and exports between our system and your business (for example sales or stock) system, saving you time when moving individual records. In our system, you can easily check whether the vendor or customer is in insolvency proceedings, or whether they are overdue with payment (we can even set up automatic generation of reminders and their sending).

How can you get involved?

Do you have an assistant in your company who is skilful but lacks the right experience? It doesn't matter! We will teach the assistant how to enter basic documents (invoices, bank statements) into the system and then we post more complicated operations ourselves and check if everything is in order. You do not have to keep an experienced accountant in your company, who would not be fully utilized. Leave this part of work to us. Well, and if your assistant leaves either temporarily or permanently, we can always take over the job.

Why is outsourcing worth it?

The purpose of outsourcing is to make work more efficient, which can ultimately mean lower costs. Mostly, however, the cost of outsourcing tends to be similar to having your own employee (that is, if the employee is fully utilized). But we can divide the activity among more people. The junior processes basic documents, while an experienced accountant handles monthly accounts, VAT returns and reporting. If necessary, the senior can get involved, who is able to set the system to work well and who can also deal with any unexpected matter (whether in the framework of existing routines, new projects or in interpreting the accounting outputs for shareholders). Substitutability is guaranteed and you always have access to the latest technologies and practices (you are not lagging behind in time with your or your employees' habits).

What should the goals of financial management be?

Sensible, in a word. You need to work with information that helps you and your employees understand what to look for. These goals must then be seen in the accounting-based report and you can then define them also as budget or remuneration goals for individual members of your team. Are you a business corporation? Let's focus on gross margin, overheads and stock turnover time. Do you work as a service organization? Let's look at your employees' hourly cost, their average workload, and pricing settings. Everyone in the company should understand what key indicators are and how each team member can influence them. This is meaningful.

What does the world of modern payroll accounting look like?

Keep a record of employment contracts and their amendments directly in payroll software. Set patterns that the assistant can generate only by adding personal information of a new employee. Learn how to issue earnings statement or enter incoming distraints. Do you have a time and attendance system? Great, let's import it directly into the system to save manual input. Have you thought about a human resources officer? Receive birthdays or work anniversaries automatically. Keep track of all training sessions and mandatory security tests. All this only at the cost of normal payroll processing, which will be easy and clear matter.

Interested in more details or cooperation? 

Drop us a line. We will get back to you as soon as possible.