Back office, all in!

There is a number of business processes that are on the border of the responsibility of individual teams. These tasks are often covered by an assistant or an office manager. But what if there is no one like this in the company?

Suppose you want to enter into a contract with a vendor, but the vendor asks you to complete the contract, resolve tax requirements, and set up invoice delivery. Who will ensure such actions? Management? Receptionist? Or the finance department?

Profid will undertake the processing of the order in any required scope. Our juniors can also handle unconventional tasks and at the same time get to the necessary information for correct posting.

We are not afraid to think broadly; as a result, similar work helps us to get to know the company better and to ensure the right flow and form of documentation for further economic processing. 

Practical example

The client's sales department needed to update employment contracts. So, we teamed up with lawyers and suggested a first draft for discussion with the company owner. Subsequently, we helped to set up corporate document templates and related rules for, for example, business trip statement. 

We arranged to set up payment terminals at a shop with a bank and agreed on how the sales approval and reporting process from the shop to the owner and to posting would work.