Full service for your accounting

Time is precious and it is necessary to focus on business priorities. We are ready to take over all your administration and accountancy. We will build you a team, made up of  senior and junior accountant, both will be in control of your accounting and daily at your service.

What does our cooperation look like in practice?

  • Your company is assigned to your Profid team, made up of senior and junior accountant - both at your service daily.
  • Your Profid team will take of all the administration following from accounting processes, for ex. records received invoices, issues issued invoices and enters bank payments.
  • Profid team ensures complete processing and subsequent booking. 
  • Profid team controls internal systems and becomes a stable information point for your employees.
  • Information is transferred continuously to your management which ensures regular flow of feedback and insight.
  • Your external accountants can regularly come to your office, or we can work remotely.
  • Short-term or long-term "plug in" of our assistant is also possible. Apart from collecting accounting data, she can help you set up internal processes so that the flow of accounting information is clear and easy to follow. In addition, she can take care of any administrative work. 

We are happy to answer your questions!