Your tailor-made finance department 

and economic, accounting and administrative consultancy

A company with a turnover of 600 million, 400 employees and 67 branches: “After the analysis we set up controlling and reporting, simplified processes, outsourced some activities, and helped find an investor, and now we manage the company financially.”

We use a state-of-the-art professional accounting system for an online overview of your company.

Our Work

We help our clients solve everything from accounting and administration to financial management of the company.

Unbox your accounting

These days, cooperation between an accounting firm and a client often looks like a box full of invoices, receipts and other documents. Do you want to level up your working style?

Financial management and process modernization

Do you find that your administration is not working optimally and wonder if there's a way to make it easier, more efficient and just generally better? How do we work?

Back office, all in!

There are a number of business processes that are the responsibility of multiple teams. These tasks are often covered by an assistant or an office manager. But what if there is no one like that in the company?

Insolvency proceedings

We solve very different tasks as part of our work. Insolvency proceedings and the subsequent blocking of bank financing can also result in the bankruptcy of a healthy business. What should you focus on?

We help companies measure and increase their performance and value.

Profid team

A young and active team with more than 20 years of experience

David Jelen

Founding Partner

David has divided his professional life between consulting activities in the field of accounting and practice in financial management. He helps coach and mentor the Profid team in further development.

Kateřina Jelenová

Founding Partner

Previously, Katka was in charge of the chief accountants and helped them grow. Currently, she primarily focuses on team setup and cooperation with clients and acts as the main manager of our ESO9 accounting software.

Jindra Předotová


Jindra applies her international and knowledge of financial management and investment as a tax advisor. She is in charge of financial management, tax consulting and special projects at Profid.

Barbora Šteglová


Bára joined Profid as a junior accountant, but thanks to her great organizational and communication skills she soon moved to the position of Partner.

Monika Abrahamová


Monika is an accountant with all her heart, specializing in complicated accounting cases and working as an instructor and chief monitor of legislative news within Profid.

Marek Kubíček


In addition to the routine management of assigned clients, Marek specializes in the advanced setup of accounting operations processing and process automation.

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